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I figured it was about time I made a master fic list, to make things easier on you, the readers. Please let me know if I have any broken links or if I'm missing anything. I'll try to update this once a week, as necessary, but I am notoriously bad at keeping up with that sort of thing so please don't rely completely on this list.

Also please note, I do, on occasion, write smut. Because I much prefer categorizing by Doctor, it would be a good idea to pay attention to the ratings.

Ninth Doctor

A Most Absurd Phobia – All ages - Complete
Prompt: Nine, Rose, Don't panic

Anywhere Will Do – Adult – Complete
Nine, Rose, and the consequences of teasing. Need I say more?

Booty Call – Adult - Complete
Rose is staying with Jackie for the night. The Doctor isn't happy about the decision. He decides to do something about it.

Heat – Adult – Complete
Inspired by summer finally making it to my neck of the woods. This is my first attempt at smut.

Human Behavior – All Ages – Complete
Rose gets a lesson in botany.

Losing Time - All Ages - Complete
When Rose falls ill, can the Doctor save her.

Pretty Boys – All ages - Complete
Turnabout is fair play.

Stuck With You – Teen – Complete
Would it be so bad?

Taking Chances – Adult – Complete
If only they knew.

Then We'll Go Dancing – All ages – Complete
Rose and the Doctor share a quiet moment.

Voyeur, Interrupted – Adult – Complete
The Doctor happens across a most inappropriate scene.

What is His – All ages – Complete
Prompts: Nine/Rose, Jack, Jealousy

Tenth Doctor

A-peel-ing – All ages – Complete
My first attempt at humor.

A Sprig of Poisonous Berries> - All ages - Complete
Rose, the Doctor, and mistletoe.

Fallen - All ages - Complete
The Doctor finds it harder and harder to leave.

Help Yourself – Adult – Sequel coming soon
Unexpected aggressive!Rose in the console room for the win.

Mad World – Teen (for mature content) – Sequel coming soon
After Doomsday Rose tries to find her way in a world that isn't her own. Unfortunately, even the strongest of souls can cave under the pressure of a broken heart.

She Knows – All ages – Complete
Just a little something in honor of [ profile] bananasandroses for her birthday.

Sticky Situation - Adult - Complete
Rose needs a seat. The Doctor offers one.

The Gift of Gab - Adult - Complete
Rose gets a lesson in one of the Doctor's gifts.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy – All ages – Complete
Rose and the Doctor enjoy a day in the snow.

Trimming the Tree - Teen - Complete
Rose needs the Doctor's help trimming the tree.


With This Ring, I Thee Wed – Adult - Complete
My very first Tencest fic!


Glimpses – Tenth Doctor – Ongoing
A series of short, one-shot glimpses into the lives of Ten and Rose. Some smutty, some not. Inspired by prompts and challenges given to me by [ profile] sinecure.

A Life Fantastic – All ages – Complete
Prompted by [ profile] sinecure wanting 10 and Rose back together but with 10.2 having a happy ending of his own.

Always With You – All ages – Complete
Sequel to Not With You. Forever is such a long time.

Cataloging Hurt – All ages – Complete
Some scars never fade.

Fix You In This Movie – All ages – Complete
See us both move in slow motion.

Glimpse of Reunion – Adult – Complete
A bittersweet reunion.

Glimpse of Surrender – All ages – Complete
Spoilers for JE. Jackie responds to the Doctor's plans and Rose surprises everyone.

Glimpse of Understanding – Teen – Complete
Rose has a question. Does the Doctor have an answer?

Guilty – All ages – Complete
The Doctor is guilty of a lot of things.

Mistakes He's Made – Teen – Complete
The Doctor isn't perfect. Even he makes mistakes. This is just one of them.

Now It's Done – All ages – Work in progress
Jackie says it's for the best.
Chapter One ~~ Chapter Two

Not With You – All ages – Complete

When Words Fail – All ages – Complete
Rose brings up something that the Doctor doesn't want to talk about.

Homesick in Heaven – Tenth Doctor – Work in progress
Where we love is home, Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Mrs. Jones You've Got a Lovely Daughter – All ages – Complete
Martha Jones has moved on with her life, pushing all thoughts of the Doctor to the farthest reaches of her mind. She feels content with her decision to stay with her family and give up traveling in that wonderous blue box...that is until the day she has a very unexpected visitor.

You've Got to Hide Your Love Away – All ages – Complete
Rose is back, has been for awhile now, and the Doctor is none the wiser. She's making a go of it and life is good as it can be without him by her side. But what happens when forces beyond her control bring the two of them back together? What happens when the Doctor finds out she's been hiding from him all these months? Will Rose reveal her deepest, darkest secrets to him before it's too late?
Chapter One ~~ Chapter Two ~~ Chapter Three, Part One ~~ Chapter Three, Part Two ~~ Chapter Four ~~ Chapter Five ~~ Chapter Six ~~ Chapter Seven ~~ Chapter Eight ~~ Chapter Nine ~~ Chapter Ten ~~ Chapter Eleven ~~ Chapter Twelve ~~ Chapter Thirteen ~~ Chapter Fourteen ~~ Chapter Fifteen ~~ Chapter Sixteen ~~ Chapter Seventeen

Devil or Angel - Tenth Doctor - Work in progress
Rose and the Doctor have been reunited and are once again traveling through time and space together. They're also finally being honest about their feelings for one another but there are still secrets being kept, secrets that could threaten their newfound closeness.
Chapter One ~~ Chapter Two

Writing Exercises – Multi-Era – Ongoing
A series of writing exercises given to me by my beta to try to help me overcome my issues with changing things I've already written.

Writing Exercise #1: From 'Mistakes He's Made' to 'Experiment' – Teen/Adult – Complete

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