Bad dreams

Apr. 11th, 2009 01:15 pm
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I don't normally have interesting dreams. My dream life is much like my awake life, kind of boring and full of mundane things (like cleaning...yes, I dream about vacuuming and dusting). I also don't normally remember much of my dreams, just little snippets of things (so maybe I am having awesome dreams and I just don't know it...maybe all the cool stuff happens in between the snippets).

This morning though, I woke up remembering this:

The dream started off with me on a plane. I wanted to plug in my laptop because I wanted to go online and talk to a friend, tell her how the trip was going so far, but the sockets for my seat were missing. I waved down a stewardess and asked her if they charged extra for electricity or something. She was shocked at my question and showed me that the power strip for my seat had just gotten turned around. She then proceeded to explain all the various 'comfort' options they offered free of charge. The only thing that wasn't free was the internet but they charged only a small fee for it.

I remember putting on these huge, comfy headphones for either a movie or music, I can't remember which. They were nice...reminded me of the expensive, noise-reducing ones I just bought a few months back. The stewardess was in the middle of showing me how to adjust my seat when we noticed out the window that it was starting to rain. She said something about us hitting another thunderstorm and to hold on. The weird part is we weren't up very high anymore, but traveling close to the ground, along a highway. There was another road right next to the one that we were on, that was up a little higher and cars were plunging off of it. From what I can remember, the thunderstorm wasn't that bad but there were accidents everywhere.

I'm not sure what happened next. Somehow I ended up in a very large mall, probably about the size of the Mall of America (might have even been it). There was talk of something first I thought it was terrorists and there was news footage of people being shot but you never saw who was shooting them. I was with someone, I think it might have been the stewardess from the plane but I'm not really sure because I have the feeling I knew her better than that. We were running through this mall, trying to find something. A way out? I don't know. We passed a display window with two people inside of it. They were locked in and there was a gun set up outside of the window, pointing at them. Some woman behind us stopped and started screaming because one of them was her daughter.

There were people everywhere, screaming and running in every direction. We just kept on going until someone in front of us yelled monster and turned and ran in the direction we'd just come from. We turned around too and went inside a shoe store. I told the woman I was with that we needed to find a back room where they'd hopefully miss us. A store employee came with and we went in some storage room that had a hidden compartment in the back. We climbed in there and waited. The store employee freaked out though when we heard rummaging on the other side of the wall and the creatures found us, dragging the store employee out from under the wall where there was a space. Me and the woman I was with tried to be as quiet as possible. I jumped up on a small ledge that went around the compartment, but she didn't until it was too late and the monsters saw her feet and broke down the wall.

I grabbed the first thing that I could get my hands on and started hitting at the monsters (who basically looked like human apes). Turned out it was a shoe and it didn't do much damage at all and then I woke up.

Writing it down now, it doesn't sound that bad. But it was. My stomach is still in knots over it and I have this general feeling of unease. I want to lay down and nap for a bit but I'm actually afraid that, if I do, I'll go right back to where I left off. It was like a cross between Planet of the Apes, some plane movie (pick one, I'm sure it'll fit) and just about any aliens-invade-Earth flick. *shudders*

I don't think I'll ever complain again about having boring dreams. I'll take cooking supper and yelling at the kids over about to be killed by ape-humans any day.
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