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Edited: Monday, May 11th: Updated information is bolded.

Yeah, it's been almost a month since the auction ended but, up until this point, I've been keeping tabs on what I owe in a notebook. I realized today however, that posting a journal entry is a lot easier than sending out emails for updating the winning bidders. So, flist, you get my...insane list of lots and lots of fics (because, well, I seem to be addicted to offering more and more and more, and have no concept of the word enough):


[ profile] wiggiemomsi winning fic
To be written jointly with [ profile] sinecure

After adding up the 2,500 words for the winning fic, all the drabbles I owed her, all the drabbles Sinecure owed her, plus all the joint fics me and Sinecure owed her, we came up with a word count total of 10,000. We've decided to split this into two, separate fics, of 5,000 words each (or thereabouts...we'll probably go over). This is what she's getting:
-??/?? (not taking any chances this time). No prompts because, as long as there's smut, Wiggie's happy. :) Written and beta'd, we just need to go through and edit it one more time.

-??/?? (not taking any chances this time). Once again, no prompts. We have a plotline! Will start writing on it...probably sometime in the next few days to a week.


Other joint fics

Special offer made for anyone who bid on me after a certain dollar amount. Most of these went to Wiggie because she likes to outbid everyone, herself included.
-Rynne: Ten/Rose, Prompt(s): Ties. Posted!


2,000 word fics

Second official offer made. $20 for a 2,000 word fic.
-[ profile] wiggiemomsi: Tencest/Rose, Prompt(s): Hawt smut (Specifically, as quoted from Sinecure, "...imagine it. Two Tens...Rose, naughty things going on between the three. Smoking. Hot.") Almost finished.

-[ profile] sassy_lion: 4,000 words special offer, Tencest/Rose, Prompt(s): Lady Godiva and she wants to take another wild crack at my humor. Hmph! I've got about 500 words written, thanks to [ profile] sinecure, who forced me to write on this one last night.

-Auntiesuze: Tencest/Rose, Prompt(s): Good old fashioned hurt/comfort with plenty of smutty goodness. I've got a new idea for this one. It just needs a little fleshing before I can start.

-Measi: Tencest/Rose (or Solo!Doctor/Rose, Nine or Ten, if the boys are being stubborn), Prompt(s): Hurt/Comfort, she said to do my worst! I think I've come up with the perfect idea for this one. Very h/c and something I've been wanting to do for awhile now. I'm still thinking of leaving this little morsel for last. *evil laugh*

-Rynne: Tencest/Rose, Prompt(s): Voyeurism that becomes participation, addition of hurt/comfort allowed. Posted!

-[ profile] grace61: Tencest/Rose, Prompt(s): Um, I've somehow lost the specific prompt but it had to do with two naked Tens, a lake, and an uninhabited planet. And Rose, of course. I have about half of this written. Unfortunately, the muse is being a bit stubborn and I'm not sure when it'll be done.

-Skipchat: Tencest/Rose, Prompt(s): Rose has been a very "bad" girl and the Boys decide to chastise her for her various indiscretions. The smuttier, the better. I have an idea now, just need to actually start on it.

-Skipchat: Ten/Rose, Prompt(s): The Burning Man Festival. Also in the "I need an idea" stage.

Misc. other fics

Rynne: 1,300 words, Ten/Rose, Prompt(s): Possessive/Jealous!Ten. Combined this with her 2,000 word fic. See that one for more info.

If I've got your info wrong, or if you don't see yourself on the list and you think you should be, please let me know
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