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I'll admit to it, I have a shameless obsession with American Idol (though not nearly as bad as my shameless obsession with Dr. Who and David Tennant).
It's kind of weird actually considering the first two seasons of the show I thought it was just a horrible rip-off of Star Search. Yes, I'm turning into the bitter old lady who thinks everything was better when she was a kid and who cannot stand any sort of remake (especially when some new popular musical group tries to redo a classic). But then I got kind of forced into watching it by a former friend and I've been hooked ever since.
Considering my slightly non-mainstream choices in music (though I do enjoy the occasional "pop" song/artist here and there) it's probably kind of surprising that I'd like more then a small handful of the contestants that walk through the audition room doors. In actuality I've found that I usually root for about 90% of those we meet in the first few weeks of the show. Of course, knowing me and my habit of becoming emotionally involved in just about anything (I cry every Christmas when they show that Folger's commercial when the son unexpectedly comes home and surprises his mom) I suppose it's not *that* surprising.
The first year I watched -- or rather the year I was chained to the couch, my eyelids held open with toothpicks -- was season 3. Alright, so I'm exaggerating a bit…I actually was asked quite nicely to listen to this certain red-headed young man sing and before he made it to the first chorus I was hooked. Alas, he didn’t win but he did get a recording contract and I have his first (and so far only) CD in my desk at work.
I’ve been a loyal fan ever since. And there has been some absolutely amazing singers gracing that stage over the years. Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee…just to name a few. Of course the show has had its fair share of not-so-great singers too. I won’t name names here because I’m just not that type of a person and I think that at least of few of them (some of which are just young kids) have gotten enough flack and bad-mouthing in the media that it just does not need to be repeated anymore (I mean come on, who seriously sends death threats to a 16-year-old kid just because they don’t like his voice?!!?).
I’ll admit I’m a little nervous this year though. I know it’s been said numerous times but I truly feel that last season was the worst so far. I was just so disinterested, so unable to get into the show like in previous years…of course whether that was because of the show itself or the personal emotional upheaval I was going through at the time I’m not sure. All I know is that I utterly and completely stopped caring at some point and didn’t even watch the finale.
So far though there seems to be a lot of potential in the contestants making it through to Hollywood week. There are some singers that have absolutely floored me, sending goose bumps up and down my body. But will they last? Will the singer’s that I already have an emotional connection to make to the top 24 or will they either flake out next week or be unfairly cut because of some crazy hair that wound it’s way up the judges’ ?


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