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Title: Glimpse of Understanding (1/1)
Rating: Teen
Characters: Rose/Doctor
Spoilers: None
Summary: Rose has a question. Does the Doctor have an answer?
Author's Note: Sinecure's prompt for me was: Did you ever think of me as your best friend? I wrote, she beta'd.

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Why, oh why, do I put myself through this kind of abuse? Can anyone tell me why?
I'm so worked up over what may or may not happen on Saturday. And I just found out that a friend who was supposed to come over and keep me away from the internet (well, except [personal profile] the_magpye 's cafe) can't come over after all. What am I going to do?!?!
Well, me and my eldest daughter decided we'll spend the day watching season two. Maybe it'll bring good luck for the Rose/Ten ship.

In the meantime, I've made myself cry even harder watching this video on YouTube. It's so lovely and yet, so very heartbreaking. *sigh*

Please, Russel, do not break my little shippy heart!
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on any spoiler post!
I swear I will not do it.
I will be strong, with the willpower of...of something with a lot of willpower.

Hey, someone want to come over and turn off my internet for me?
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Been trying to curb my DW obsession a bit. I know, I know it's an awful thought but...well...not everyone who lives (or practically lives) with me thinks it's better then life and stuff (I want your icon

[profile] uliamos!) like I do.


So I ah, posted the movie meme thing trying to steer my one-track mind away from all that is good and right but no one's made any guesses yet (yes, it's only been 24 hours but I'm an impatient kind of a gal) so I stole this new one from someone else on livejournal.


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