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Sep. 23rd, 2008 01:47 pm
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So new house...and the fridge explodes. Okay, it didn't really explode but it did stop working, with all of our food for the month inside of it. *sigh* We were able to save most of what was really important (read: expensive to replace) and the repairman is on his way. But that's another $150 or so spent this month.

Our cat, family pet for 10 years now, has diabetes. Brought her in to be declawed today (no one wants her scratching up the beautiful wood in this house) and the vet called to say that they can't do the surgery yet. That they discovered she's diabetic. Insulin shots every day for who knows how long (it may correct itself after a few months or it may not), plus the testing that they have to do to make sure her glucose levels don't drop too low...that's another $200 for the month.

My daughter's guinea pig passed away last night. She wasn't eating or drinking much. We just figured it was because she'd been left at the old place for a few days while we found a good spot to put her cage here. Then we figured it was the move that was stressing her out. Realized late last night that she had gunk around her eyes and was breathing heavily. It was too late to call the vet, so we planned on doing it immediately this morning. There's no need now. Cost to us? Our daughter's pain and tears over losing her beloved pet.

Which situation is the worst for me? The last one. Money is just paper. My daughter's feelings are far more important then a few hundred dollars. And in an hour she'll be home and we'll have to tell her the bad news.
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Well, flist, we're moving. This week. For real this time, not like the last mess.
We close tomorrow morning at eleven. The house will be ours, the keys will be in our hands. We'll start moving in what we can, two car loads a day, until Friday when the in laws will be here to help get all the big stuff. By next weekend we'll be living there!

So I suppose now would be a good time to finally share a bit about the place with you, since I doubt anything is going to go wrong in the next 24 hours (crosses fingers):

It's a four bedroom (yay! no more cramming three girls into one room) but will eventually be a 5-6. The attic is very clean and ready to be finished so we'll be putting two bedrooms up there as soon as possible for the older two kids. The rooms are huge, except the one that is in tandem with the master bedroom, which will be a den once we finish the attic. The master bedroom also has it's own private staircase to the kitchen.

The front stairway has a beautiful stained glass window in it. The main floor has a huge dining room, decent sized living room and a bathroom with tub. The kitchen is gigantic, especially compared to what I have now. It comes with the nice flat-top stove, side-by-side fridge and freezer with ice maker, under-the-cabinet cd radio, and a microwave. We also have two enclosed porches, one of which is heated.

The basement is dry and just as easily finished as the attic. The washer and dryer is down there, along with a large built into the floor bin where the two laundry shoots empty out into. There's another bathroom down there with a shower inside the sauna room. We also have a cold storage room down there which I am so excited about using.

The yard isn't huge but it's doable. The garage takes up most of the space but Jeff won't let us tear it down. *sniff* The people who were staying there before left a bunch of nice, expensive furniture for us including a hutch, dining room table, and glass curio cabinet. It's been recently carpeted and painted and has a brand new, expensive heating system in there. The roof was redone within the last three years and there are absolutely no repairs whatsoever that we will have to do. Which is nice, especially after the last place.

I'll probably put some pictures up sometime after we move. I'm not posting them here though, I'll put them on my Facebook account and send private invites with the link to those of you who are interested. So if you want to see them please let me know.


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