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I can finally sit comfortably with my laptop for more then five minutes at a time. Yea!
I'm still not back to normal but I'll take what I can get. Frankly I've been bored out of my mind without the internet and too tired to watch anything...that added in with not being able to handle being outside for long periods of time has left me a little stir crazy. So I'll be taking full advantage of this little respite and do some major catching up!

Thanks for all your positive thoughts and best wishes over the past few days. I really appreciate it.
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I can't really sit at the computer for long periods of time so this is going to be short again.
Recovery is going ok so far. My stomach is extremely sore so it makes getting up from a sitting or lying position somewhat difficult. I'm trying to use my back, leg, and arm muscles more which is helping my tummy somewhat but now my arms, legs and back are hurting. I'm also having the bad gas pains they warned me about (they have to pump air into your stomach in order to do the surgery). Luckily my pain pills and Gas-X are keeping me mostly comfortable.
My biggest issue right now is I can't sleep very well. I'm a side and stomach sleeper but I've had to make do with laying on my back. Because of that I'm not getting a very restful sleep but I'm being pampered here and can lay down to nap pretty much anytime I need to.

I probably won't be on again for another day or so. It's just too much work to sit and type. Once I can spend more time on the computer I should be updating my story and reading all your recent journal updates.
Hope everyone is doing well and I miss all of you!


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