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Minnesota weather is weird!

I spent a few wonderful hours out in the sun today. I think it only made it to the upper fifties but it was really warm. So warm I wore a tank top and rolled my pants legs up. So warm I somehow managed to get sunburn on my shoulders. It doesn't hurt any, is just a little warm to the touch. It was a beautiful day...

Until it started snowing about a half an hour ago. It's not like any of it stuck or anything but it still snowed. *sigh*
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My mom always used to tell me about how the beginning of April doesn't necessarily mean the start of spring. Despite the fact that I had never seen it myself, she'd tell me stories of snowstorms and blizzards as late as the end of the month. I never really believed her until now...

The sad thing is the snow was almost gone as of Saturday. Oh, we had piles of it here and there. You know the ones that seem to take forever to melt and are particularly prominent near roadways (and therefor have grown to almost staggering proportions over the months because of the plows). But for the most part the only thing I had to worry about the kids tracking into the house was a bit of mud.
And was it ever nice out that day! The temperature was actually only in the mid-40's (about 10 degrees colder then the day before) but the sun was shinning and it was just gorgeous. I sat on the picnic table most of the day watching the kids ride their bikes. It felt and looked like spring...then the snow started. <sigh>
We've already had about 8-12 inches fall just overnight last night. Now I hear we're supposed to get another 1-2 FEET before tomorrow morning! For some reason I don't think I'll be going to work...

If anyone has any nice, spring-like, weather they'd like to share please send it overnight delivery. We could really use it here.


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