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I figured it was about time I made a master fic list, to make things easier on you, the readers. Please let me know if I have any broken links or if I'm missing anything. I'll try to update this once a week, as necessary, but I am notoriously bad at keeping up with that sort of thing so please don't rely completely on this list.

Also please note, I do, on occasion, write smut. Because I much prefer categorizing by Doctor, it would be a good idea to pay attention to the ratings.

Momdaegmorgan's Master Fic List )

Last Updated: 4/12/09
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Edited: Monday, May 11th: Updated information is bolded.

Yeah, it's been almost a month since the auction ended but, up until this point, I've been keeping tabs on what I owe in a notebook. I realized today however, that posting a journal entry is a lot easier than sending out emails for updating the winning bidders. So, flist, you get my...insane list of lots and lots of fics (because, well, I seem to be addicted to offering more and more and more, and have no concept of the word enough):

Under the cut. )

If I've got your info wrong, or if you don't see yourself on the list and you think you should be, please let me know
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Title: For Want of a Tie (1/)
Authors: [ profile] momdaegmorgan & [ profile] sinecure
Rating: Adult
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose
Summary: Rose thought she was going solo. The Doctor had other ideas.
Prompt(s): Ten/Rose and ties
Disclaimer: We don't own it.
Thanks to: [ profile] ladychi for the betawork
Author's Note: For [ profile] rynne, who was promised a co-authored fic from me and Sinecure for bidding on me during the Support Stacie Author Auction.

Our very first joint fic!
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I've always had plans to write up a post of fic recs but have never found the time to actually do it. This is probably a good thing however, since I'm very picky about the way things look and it'd more than likely take me a whole week just to get the layout of the post to my liking (I think it took nearly that long for me to to be happy with my master fic list layout, which...I'm actually starting to hate now *sighs*).

Anyway, today I discovered Delicious, a "social bookmarking service that allows you to tag, save, manage and share web pages, all in one place." Now, I'm usually one of the last people on the nets to learn of and start using nifty little resources like this so you probably all know about it already. But, in case you don't, go check it out. My username is Momdaegmorgan (surprise, surprise) and I have a decent number of fics bookmarked there already (still working on adding more though), with a ton of tags. *G*
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Because I'm bored and tired and I need to stay awake long enough to get the kids out the door for school.

The friendship bracelet thing didn't work out so well. Just like when I was a kid and did them, it started curling up and looking all funky and weird. Not sure what I was doing wrong but I gave up and tossed it. Which...I'm no longer 10 so I probably shouldn't be playing at kid's crafts anymore anyway.

We bought one of those Shark steam mops that they're always advertising on TV the other day and I have to say that I am pathetically in love with it. It's quick and easy to use, needs no harsh chemicals, and works loads better than a regular mop. Yeah, it was $80 but the ease with which it cleans my kitchen floor (which, with four kids, gets really bad) makes it well worth it.

I think I may have had a migraine yesterday. Woke up with it, took 800mgs of Ibuprofen right away (because I knew, even then, it was going to be awful) and waited. And waited. And waited. I finally took two aspirin about four hours later, then took a two hour nap. When I woke up, the headache was gone and everything from before my nap felt kind of foggy and odd, like it'd happened in a dream or years ago. It was strange.

We get to watch our nephew for a few hours today while Jeff's sister is running some errands in another town. It'll be nice because we don't see him that often and he's such a happy boy, so smiley and fun and he absolutely adores my eldest daughter (most babies do).

Every time me and the basement troll plan a BBQ the weather decides it wants to rain. Then, when we don't make plans and can't do one anyway, it's the perfect day for it. Yesterday was the perfect day but we couldn't do it so we planned on having one today. Today's supposed to rain. Tomorrow too. The weather hates us and our BBQ's.

Oh, and, creepy bugs are creepy.

That is all.
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We've been in the process of spring cleaning the entire house and the other weekend me and my eldest daughter did her room. Let me tell you, it was a mess! Anyway, after we were done I picked up some storage containers to organize her craft things (she loves doing stuff like that) and came across her floss for making friendship bracelets...

Can anyone guess what I'm doing right now? *G*
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The Decemberists, The Hazards of Love.



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Title: An Integral Part of the Equation (1/1)
Rating: Adult
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose/Ten.2
Prompt(s): Tencest/Rose, from voyeurism to participation & Ten/Rose, Possessive/jealous!Ten
Summary: He watches from the sidelines, unaware that he is important too.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who owns my soul. I own nothing.
Thanks to: [ profile] sinecure, of course, for beta'ing and threatening encouraging me to finish things.
Author's Note: For [ profile] rynne, who purchased me during the Support Stacie Author Auction.

Sucking in a ragged breath, the Doctor watched Rose shift on the bed.
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So our basement troll brought up his PS3 and made me a profile on it. Went searching for a Doctor Who theme and found this cool one that randomly loads different pictures. I was all, "yes! It just better not have one of the Doctor and fucking River Song."

What was the third one?
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Title: Leather and Trainers, the sequel (1/1)
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose
Summary: He's not the man she fell in love with.
Prompt: Ten/Rose, first time, Rose getting over Nine Though, I cheated a bit on them.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who owns my soul. I own nothing.
Thanks to: Last minute betas, [ profile] ladybeth and [ profile] bananasandroses
Author's Note: Written as a bribe gift for BoyyM for allowing the Cult of Priest!Ten to win [ profile] sinecure in the Support Stacie Author Auction. This is a follow-up to [ profile] sinecure's drabble, Leather and Trainers, also written for BoyyM.

Leather and Trainers, the sequel
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For a quick beta? I have a fic, just under 2,000 words, that I'd like to get beta'd tonight if possible.
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Okay, so a few of you already know about this. For those of you who don't, I'd like to introduce:

Stealing from [ profile] mitashade's announcement (because I'm just that lazy):

Gallifreyan Dreams is a new fic archive site created for the Doctor Who fandom, centered specifically around Doctor/Rose fanfiction. That said, it's not just for romantic Doctor/Rose fiction, but any story with them in it.

The best thing I've found about it while perusing the site, is that after the first time you upload, you are given an un-moderated status, and you can then post all new stories/chapters instantly. This eliminates the reliance on a small-ish number of mods to give a green light on every single change you want to make to a post, and from what I've seen and experienced, that's a point of annoyance with most authors. Also, while making a post of a new story, there are ticky boxes where you select where else the story has been posted. I believe they're working on creating an integrated search that can span across GD, Teaspoon, and LJ. This would be interesting, and I hope it works out.

This website was created by authors you know, love and trust, and believe me: they've been putting their backs into it! They deserve all the credit they can get, and I for one am excited to have a new button on my bookmarks bar to click on when I'm craving a fanfiction fix, not to mention one featuring my own artwork. I feel privileged: it's so cool! :D And it's especially awesome for the Doctor/Rose shippers like me out there. One place with all that? Yeah, it's definitely a new fave.

Even if you're not an author, head to the site and join up and enjoy. Let your favourite authors know where they can post their fiction. So far the site is hosting work from some of our favourite authors, including tardismate, sinecure, momdaegmorgan and LadyChi, and hopefully more in the near future.

Thanks, [ profile] mitashade for saving me from writing up a pimp post myself. *G*

Anyway, come on over and check us out. We're still working on some minor coding issues but everything is up and running. If you have any questions or maybe want to offer some assistance (coding stuff especially would be great), there's a contact us form and email link on the site.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!
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Title: A Most Absurd Phobia (1/1)
Rating: All ages
Characters/Pairings: Rose, Nine
Prompt: Nine, Rose, Don't panic
Disclaimer: Doctor Who owns my soul. I own nothing.
Thanks to: [ profile] uliamos for the last minute, fill-in beta work and to [ profile] ladychi for the title.
Author's Note: [ profile] sassy_lion's prompts. Written for her for bidding on me in the Support Stacie Author Auction.

A Most Absurd Phobia


Title: Voyeur, Interrupted (1/1)
Rating: Adult
Characters/Pairings: Nine/Rose
Disclaimer: Doctor Who owns my soul. I own nothing.
Thanks to: [ profile] uliamos for the last minute, fill-in beta work and to [ profile] ladychi for the title.
Author's Note: For [ profile] wiggiemomsi for bidding on me in the Support Stacie Author Auction. No prompts on this one.

Voyeur, Interrupted

Bad dreams

Apr. 11th, 2009 01:15 pm
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I don't normally have interesting dreams. My dream life is much like my awake life, kind of boring and full of mundane things (like cleaning...yes, I dream about vacuuming and dusting). I also don't normally remember much of my dreams, just little snippets of things (so maybe I am having awesome dreams and I just don't know it...maybe all the cool stuff happens in between the snippets).

This morning though, I woke up remembering this:

The dream started off with me on a plane. I wanted to plug in my laptop because I wanted to go online and talk to a friend, tell her how the trip was going so far, but the sockets for my seat were missing. I waved down a stewardess and asked her if they charged extra for electricity or something. She was shocked at my question and showed me that the power strip for my seat had just gotten turned around. She then proceeded to explain all the various 'comfort' options they offered free of charge. The only thing that wasn't free was the internet but they charged only a small fee for it.

I remember putting on these huge, comfy headphones for either a movie or music, I can't remember which. They were nice...reminded me of the expensive, noise-reducing ones I just bought a few months back. The stewardess was in the middle of showing me how to adjust my seat when we noticed out the window that it was starting to rain. She said something about us hitting another thunderstorm and to hold on. The weird part is we weren't up very high anymore, but traveling close to the ground, along a highway. There was another road right next to the one that we were on, that was up a little higher and cars were plunging off of it. From what I can remember, the thunderstorm wasn't that bad but there were accidents everywhere.

I'm not sure what happened next. Somehow I ended up in a very large mall, probably about the size of the Mall of America (might have even been it). There was talk of something first I thought it was terrorists and there was news footage of people being shot but you never saw who was shooting them. I was with someone, I think it might have been the stewardess from the plane but I'm not really sure because I have the feeling I knew her better than that. We were running through this mall, trying to find something. A way out? I don't know. We passed a display window with two people inside of it. They were locked in and there was a gun set up outside of the window, pointing at them. Some woman behind us stopped and started screaming because one of them was her daughter.

There were people everywhere, screaming and running in every direction. We just kept on going until someone in front of us yelled monster and turned and ran in the direction we'd just come from. We turned around too and went inside a shoe store. I told the woman I was with that we needed to find a back room where they'd hopefully miss us. A store employee came with and we went in some storage room that had a hidden compartment in the back. We climbed in there and waited. The store employee freaked out though when we heard rummaging on the other side of the wall and the creatures found us, dragging the store employee out from under the wall where there was a space. Me and the woman I was with tried to be as quiet as possible. I jumped up on a small ledge that went around the compartment, but she didn't until it was too late and the monsters saw her feet and broke down the wall.

I grabbed the first thing that I could get my hands on and started hitting at the monsters (who basically looked like human apes). Turned out it was a shoe and it didn't do much damage at all and then I woke up.

Writing it down now, it doesn't sound that bad. But it was. My stomach is still in knots over it and I have this general feeling of unease. I want to lay down and nap for a bit but I'm actually afraid that, if I do, I'll go right back to where I left off. It was like a cross between Planet of the Apes, some plane movie (pick one, I'm sure it'll fit) and just about any aliens-invade-Earth flick. *shudders*

I don't think I'll ever complain again about having boring dreams. I'll take cooking supper and yelling at the kids over about to be killed by ape-humans any day.
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So tomorrow is the Doctor Who Easter special and I'm...not excited. There's a few reasons this could be:

1) I've had a crappy week and I'm horribly sick with a stupid spring cold that stubbornly will not leave me alone.

2) It's one episode. Then nothing again until Christmas. And Torchwood is only a one week mini-series type thing this year. And that won't even be on until summer.

3) Another episode done means we're one more episode closer to David Tennant's departure.

I'm hoping it's a combination of the above. Then again, I haven't exactly been looking forward to this episode in the months leading up to it either, so I can't really blame my lack of interest on the past week. Which leaves the second two reasons, which lead to a whole boatload of other reasons, which...I'm not going to get into right now because my head might explode.

Maybe I'll just wait to watch it until the kids come home on Sunday. It's not like we have to watch it tomorrow.


Apr. 8th, 2009 04:21 am
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So this is what too much excitement, not enough sleep, a cold and cold meds do to me? I forget to mention in my last post the awesomeness that is fandom uniting for a good cause. In other words, I didn't give you guys the final figures. Didn't even think about it until I read [ profile] sinecure's post on the auction. Which...dude, she's usually stealing pimp/announcement posts from me! *runs*

Anyway, I'm here to fix the problem and wow and amaze you all with the following five digit number. Yes, you heard me right, five digits. To be exact, us lowly fanfic authors raised an astounding...


And that number could go up quite a bit as they're still double and triple checking their numbers and getting some last minute donations.

Yay! for fandom!!!
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I've never been happier! :)

The semi-final figures are in for the Support Stacie Author Auction and I'm blown away. The generosity of everyone that participated is just amazing, especially since, for most of us, Stacie isn't someone we know personally (neither via real life or the nets). And yet people from dozens of fandoms came together and dug deep (and I mean deep) into their wallets, giving away insane amounts of money (a Twilight fic went for $2,700 and a Doctor Who one for $2,040).

I just want to say bravo! to everyone on the flist who took part in this. You're all a bunch of amazing people who deserve a big round of applause. *claps*

And for those of you who are due a fic from me (including [ profile] wiggiemomsi who purchased me for $200), I'll be contacting you for specifics on your stories...just as soon as my sinuses stop feeling like they're going to explode. Hopefully tomorrow. :)
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Title: What is His (1/1)
Rating: All ages
Spoilers: None
Characters/Pairings: Nine/Rose, Jack
Prompt: Nine/Rose, Jack and jealousy
Disclaimer: Doctor Who owns my soul. I own nothing.
Beta: [ profile] sinecure
Author's Note: [ profile] wendymr's prompts. Written for her as part of one of my special offers on the Support Stacie Author Auction

Some possessive!Nine for your pleasure.


Title: With This Ring, I Thee Wed
Rating: Adult
Spoilers: None
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose/10.2
Prompt: Prompt at the end of the fic
Disclaimer: Doctor Who owns my soul. I own nothing.
Beta: [ profile] sinecure
Author's Note: [ profile] catyuy's prompts. Gifted to her for being the official Doctor Who fandom cheerleader in the Support Stacie Author Auction

I've taken the plunge into Tencest territory!
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Okay, so it's not like this is actually harmful really, but you may want to be aware of the AIM Fishbot, Project Upstream so you don't make the same mistakes I did.

Apparently Project Upstream is some sort of weird, computer age version of a blind date. Except that the participants aren't aware that they're being set-up. Well, that and the goal isn't actually to make a love match but to pair two unsuspecting individuals up together and see what happens. Why? I'm not really sure actually. Their website states that, "Project Upstream is an organization dedicated to promoting social ideals through the use of exciting new technology," but I'm not certain how their methods accomplish this.

What happens is this:

The names of AIM users are pulled from such popular social networking sites as Livejournal, Twitter, Xanga, DeviantART, and Digg, then somehow the bot links two of those users via coded screen-names. Basically, instead of seeing the actual username of the person you're talking to, you see something else entirely. All coded screen-names seem to include the words Coho, Salmon or Trout (the one who messaged me for instance was called SolderedCoho). Both users are unaware of what's happening, and as one would expect after being sent an odd message (mine was "you have mansions in your eyes") from someone you don't know, it doesn't take much for tempers to flare.

Someone apparently finds this to be great fun and many people discussing it on the nets are actually wondering why some people are getting upset over it. I for one am angry because I just told off some poor, unsuspecting person who was just as confused and probably weirded out as I was. Not to mention the fact that I reported them as spam twice during the conversation (not sure what kind of consequences that might have for them).

So, as a warning, if you receive a strange message (another person received this one: "Greetings! I know this is hard to believe, but I’m you - from the future. I bear important news.") from someone who then seems confused to be talking to you, you've probably been fish bot-ted.


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