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And frankly I'm amazed it took as short of a time as it did.
I did an hour of writing Monday night after the kids went to bed. Since “Pick a Star” is, other then my Stargate stories, the most over due of all my fics I decided to work on that. Unfortunately, as I expected, it didn’t turn out too well.
Yesterday, however I started on a sequel to “Mrs. Jones” and was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. It wasn’t my best writing but it was far better then anything else I’ve managed to put to paper lately. I think it only took me an hour or two to write and then I sent it off to my beta.
That wasn’t the end though… I then started on the sequel to the sequel (sorry, neither of them have title’s yet) and managed to get out another 2-1/2 to 3 pages done in that. I probably would’ve written even more but it was getting late and I had to work this morning. So after much nagging from Jeff I finally forced myself to turn off the computer and crawl into bed. My brain refused to shut down though and I laid there for who knows how long continuing the story in my mind.
I wish I could take like three days off of life and just write. No kids, no work, no cleaning…nothing but me and the computer and the happy little plot bunnies. And to think, just two days ago I figured I’d never write anything worth reading again. :P


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